Calvary Chapel Goer: "You're a Christian And You Voted for Obama? You Should Just Go Die"

Although we voted for Gary Johnson for president, the reelection of Barack Obama isn't freaking us out and threatening to move to Austin like so many other OC hipsters. But it's been wonderful to hear the meltdowns Obama haters are having over his victory over on KFI-AM 640, and few places hate Obummer more than Calvary Chapel. As we reported earlier, they screened an anti-Obama film in violation of IRS policy. And if you believe a JohnKen caller yesterday, Calvary Chapel is now prepared to ban Obama supporters from their Bible study groups.
You can here the audio here around the 12:00 mark, but a "Robert in Costa Mesa" called in to rail against people who voted for Obama, saying that Obama supporters were no longer welcome at his bible study at Calvary.

"Don't come to our church. The man is basically the anti-Christ," Robert railed. "We don't want any Obama people coming to our church, and if you were coming to our church and you believe in obama, stay out."

When JohnKen pointed out that Christians voted for Obama, that just angered Robert more. He then called Obama the Anti-Christ outright, and even threw in that Calvary folks didn't much like Mitt Romney because they "didn't like the Mormon part," but preferred him to Obama.

And then came the winner: "You're a Christian and you voted for Obama? You should just go die."

Think Chuck Smith will denounce this? Is Chuckie a moral guy? The answers are the same!

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