Calvary Chapel Gets Smackdown From The Daily Beast

It starts to look like more and more mainstream media outlets are starting to cast a skeptical eye on Calvary Chapel, not just on the mothership or founder Chuck Smith, but its bizarre, convenient structure that simultaneously allows Chuckie to claim no responsibility for problem outposts and full authority over the rest. This time, the investigator is The Daily Beast, in a scathing investigation of Calvary Chapel that published this weekend.

Reporter David Sessions used the recent, tragic murder of a Calvary Chapel pastor and his family in Albuquerque by his teenage son to delve into the problems Weekly readers know too well.

There's coverage of

Alex Grenier

, the son of a Calvary Chapel pastor

who's been one of the church's fiercest critics

(and is now being sued by his father for said critiques), and the

Buena Park


arrested on charges of child molestation

. They also include the

lawsuit filed in Idaho against Chuckie

attacking the very church structure that allows Calvary Chapel to play its smoke and mirrors game--all in all, a fine piece by Sessions.

Read the story here, and send any tips our way!

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