Nothing Else Left
Nothing Else Left
Grand Central Art Center

California Pacific Triennial Artists Discussion Panel at Yost Theater TODAY!

Just days before the opening of the 2013 California Pacific Triennial at Orange County Museum of Art, the Yost Theater will be hosting a discussion panel with exhibiting artists Adriana Salazar, Adan Valencillo, Sebastian Preece, Yoshua Okon, Hugo Crosthwaite, and Dario Escobar TONIGHT at 7pm.

The panel will be an early glimpse into the work by each artist, and although the discussions will be entirely in Spanish, a helpful English traductor will be there to help non-habla audience members understand the intricate thoughts posited by each artist on their work.

Of all the artists exhibiting at the Triennial, Adriana Salazar's show Nothing Else Left will be exhibited at Grand Central Art Center, as one of the off-site exhibits that are part of this year's event (Coastline Gallery and The Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University are the other off-site galleries). Her show opens Saturday, July 6, but following tonight's panel, visitors can head straight over to GCAC for a preview tour of Nothing Else Left to get a gander at Salazar's unique contemplation on post-mortem objects before everyone else.

Keep in mind, the 2013 California Pacific Triennial opens this Sunday, June 30 at OCMA; then make sure you venture over to GCAC Saturday night during the monthly Downtown Artwalk to experience Salazar's show. And experience it many times afterwards. See you there!

Enjoy the details of OCMA's 2013 California Pacific Triennial exhibit on OCMA's website.

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