California Coalition for Immigration Reform Less Tolerant than Ever, Or: How NOT to Infiltrate a CCIR Meeting

A small but boisterous crowd of protestors stood outside the Garden Grove Women's Club on Wednesday, where the wackjob California Coalition for Immigration Reform hosted the latest in a long line of lunatic lecturers: Villa Park councilwoman Deborah "Sodomy" Pauly. One of her constituents, Villa Park resident Nadia Hassan, went into the meeting to videotape Pauly's comments before the collection of coffin dodgers and token 45-year-old--and that's when things got wacky.

The best Pauly quote of the night was her asserting that "Democracts are working with terrorist organizations. Democrats are of the terrorists, for the terrorists, and by the terrorists"--but she asked Hassan to not videotape the lecture, then proceeded to rail at her in a semi-private conversation. You can read more here, but the encounter had me reminiscing about the good ol' days of the CCIR.
Why, I remember when CCIR allowed their enemies to attend their meetings, even allowed them to openly scoff! I remember when Chicano activists could go in and ask hard questions--sure, the loons would drown them out, but at least that was a discourse. Of course, those times didn't last long, and CCIR has actively tried to keep out sane people for a good decade, if not longer.

While we applaud Hassan's efforts to document what Pauly had to say, and we applaud Pauly for sticking to her pendeja roots, take it from this reporter, who successfully taped CCIR meetings incognito for years: it's best you don't make yourself known. It's best you don't make yourself known, because that lets the CCIR gang show their true colors. My advice to all the Mexis and Muslims who now track CCIR and their head witch, Barbara Coe? Get a gabacho, train him in your evil arts, and have him attend meetings where he can record anything and everything. That's what the Weekly does--and boy, do we get goodies from our source...


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