Cal State Students Protest Fee Hikes With A Hunger Strike

Forget Top Ramen. That was back in the good ol' days.

Now Cal State University students are protesting tuition increases, budgets cuts and administrator pay hikes (and fancy pads) by not eating at all. Members of the activist group Students for Quality Education are on a hunger strike, declaring that they will fast until the university agrees to meet with them to discuss their demands.

One banner at Cal State Fullerton reads, "Stop Feeding Us Bullshit. Hungry 4 Change." 

What do the students want? The list includes a five-year tuition freeze, administrative pay cuts, more free speech rights on campuses and the elimination of housing and car allowances for the system's 23 presidents, the Orange County Register reports. 

One of the hungry protestors is Cal State Fullerton grad student David Inga, who told the Register, "Our backs are against the wall. That's why we need to take such a drastic measure." 

The strike began on Tuesday and will go on indefinitely. CSU spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp told the Register that officials have not decided whether they'll intervene (or let the whiny kids succumb to an In-N-Out Double-Double naturally--who wants to take bets on when that'll happen?). He also implied that the students are barking up the wrong tree. Fee hikes are caused by state funding cuts, so if they want to complain to someone, they're better off lobbying state lawmakers.  

Perhaps the protestors are making a noble gesture, but some of their classmates don't seem too sympathetic.  

Cal State Students Protest Fee Hikes With A Hunger Strike

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