Official sketch of the attacker.
Official sketch of the attacker.
CSULB Police Dept.

Cal State Long Beach Trangender Student Gives More Detailed Account of "IT" Assault

Cal State Long Beach's Daily 49er published an article Friday with the most detailed account to date of the fallout from the April 15 attack on Colle Carpeter. You might remember Carpenter as the student who was assaulted in a campus restroom by someone who carved the word "IT" into his chest.

According to the story, the attacker used an X-Acto knife to slash at Carpenter several times in the in the campus's KKJZ building. An instructor then drove Carpenter to the hospital, where two detectives floated the idea that the attack may have been a hate crime.

The school has faced some criticism for taking more than a week to publicize the incident. But Carpenter defends the administration's response. Producing a sketch of the alleged attacker took a few days, and Carpenter at first wanted to remain anonymous.

The story also sees Carpenter addressing the accusation that the entire assault was made-up.

"People who say this is a hoax have no idea what's really going on," Carpenter told the 49er. "There's a handful of idiots that falsify information or say that this was a conspiracy of the Southern Poverty Law Center."

Carpenter also sounds off on what it's like to be called "it," and speculates why his attacker may have called out Carpenter's name before attacking. Read the article here.


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