Cal State Fullerton Spends $300K to Remodel Eight-Bedroom Home of University President

While Cal State Fullerton students have been suffering through funding cuts and tuition hikes (and making no secret of their misery), at least someone at the school seems to be doing okay.    

Incoming president Mildred Garcia recently got her base salary bumped up 10 percent to $324,500-- and now she'll be moving into a sweet crib. California Watch reports that the school is spending $300,000 to remodel the eight-bedroom historical home where she'll be living. Renovations have already begun on the C. Stanley Chapman house, also known as El Dorado Ranch, a two-story, eight-bedroom, 5,800-square-foot house nestled on 3.9 acres, complete with a tennis court. The property was last assessed at $3.4 million.

University officials claim the house, built in 1919, was in dire need of repair. They originally estimated that it would take $1 million to bring the property up to code but they cut it down to $300,000. And the money, they say, isn't coming out of state funding, but rather from surplus revenue from one or more the campus auxiliary organizations.

Still, after nearly $750 million in budget cuts over the past year, students, faculty members and other education advocates are pissed that Prez Garcia and other administrators have been so disconnected from the pinch.  

Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) told California Watch, "Instead of directing the funding for our students, they are directing it towards the comfort of top executives."

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