Caffeine 'n' Cartoons

So what's up with the dude on this coffee package? The label says "high octane," but he looks like he's just kinda chill. Maybe the motorcycle drank the coffee instead.

I don't even like coffee much, but Starbucks keeps sending me stuff in the mail, like a $5 gift card recently -- II guess the makers of high octane didn't want to be outdone, so they passed along a whole big packet of their product, which I left in the break room for our sales staff to enjoy. If you start noticing a lot more ads in the paper soon, thank the coffee.

I prefer caffeine in nuclear-green-colored sodas. I was denied such things in childhood.

Could use one of those beverages right about now to help me figure out something the kids likely already know. It's my theory that maybe a Mello Yello high is necessary to try and figure out this other free item that arrived recently...

Now, I'm a frequent customer at Toys R Us. I buy action figures, and was overjoyed to finally find a movie-version Optimus Prime recently.

But I have no idea what this is or what it's supposed to do, beyond the fact that I received it as part of a promotional push for a live action "Ben 10" TV movie co-starring Lee Majors.

It's called the Omnitrix, and presumably has something to do with Ben 10's super powers. As for the toy version, there's some kind of game aspect that looks like Tamagotchi or Pokemon, but the instructions on the package tell me nothing.

I am, officially, too old for this particular crap. But it retails for $20, so I feel appropriately flattered by the gift.


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