But What About the Same-Sex Marriage Officiants?

It's time for everyone to stop, take a breath and think about the people who will really be screwed should Prop. 8 pass. These are, of course, the wedding officiators who perform same-sex marriages and have now gone public with their "fervent opposition" to the California voter initiative that would outlaw gay marriages.

“Love does not discriminate; therefore, we perform wedding ceremonies for both gay and straight couples, seeing no difference in the love that these couple share,” states the Interfaith Clergy Coalition, whose 15 signees include Long Beach officiant Alan Katz and the Rev. Terry Lieberstein, who is based in the 818 but also serves Orange County. “Because love does not discriminate, neither should the law.”

You may call Katz at (562) 435-4000 or visit his website for more information.

Over at Yes Prop. 8, which is better funded thanks to the Knights of Columbus and Focus on the Family, Camp Hate announced the launch today of a “hard-hitting” advertisement that says the measure is not about gay marriage but what we will have to teach our kids (because it's always ALL about the children) and a Spanish-language ad targeting Latinos with a “Family is Sacred” message.


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