Busy Weekend for Haters, "So-Called" Hater

When the Clockwork Scooter pulled out the Weekly parking lot Friday evening, there were just over 50 comments to the post that went up shortly after authorities revealed Angels rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart died in a Fullerton car crash. At last check today, there were 112 comments.

That means, according to the little comment tracker on the Navel Gazing page, that the Adenhart post has passed 9-11 Truther Wackiness Now Most Commented OC Weekly Post Ever! (110) and with a good push could top the post at the top sport, Local Armenian Genocide Deniers Trying to Influence Congressional Race (153).

Now, it's going to be tough coming up with another 40 comments because Jenn, the "wetback"-spewing commenter who started it all, has apparently left to infect the TMZ.com version of the Adenhart story. So, we're making a call to all illogical, laptopped, Mexican bashers (you know who you are), to add more nonsensical rants to the original post so we may take the top spot. Folks who want to rip into those rants are also invited to continue commenting, of course. 

Meanwhile, Howard Ahmanson Jr. Only the Second Biggest Hater, a Feb. 3 post the top funders of same-sex marriage denying Prop 8, received an interesting comment over the weekend. The typist claims to be one of the contributors on the list, and if it is truly him, he's got the best reason ever for cutting a $10,000 check to the Yes on 8 campaign:

His wife made him do it.

hi, i'm anthony ridd a "so-called" hater. just so you know, I am not really anti-gay...in fact the donation was made w/o my consent or approval. I only did it because of all the shit I would have caught from my wife and others had I opposed. god loves everyone!!

Without his consent or approval, but he feared catching the wrath of wifey if he didn't do it? This commenter is making about as much sense as the Adenhart racists.


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