Buena Vista Social Club Hosted by KCRW's Matt Holzman TONIGHT!

Buena Vista Social Club Hosted by KCRW's Matt Holzman TONIGHT!

After what will surely be a typical balmy afternoon in Orange County, you gotta have some Monday night plans to make the most out of the refreshing summer breeze that hits these parts around evening time. Fortunately, tonight Segerstrom Center has you covered with the second installment of its Free For All Movie Mondays with the film Buena Vista Social Club hosted by KCRW's movie nut Matt Holzman of Matt's Movies.

Directed by the always-wonderful Wim Wenders, Buena Vista Social Club is a 1997 documentary that follows jazz musician Ry Cooder as he embarks on reuniting original musicians of Havana's legendary Buena Vista Social Club, a night club and dance hall closed due to swift political upheavals during the country's revolution in the 1950s. The film inspired a 1999 album of the same name which won an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary, and the reunited musicians gained global fame.

Holzman knows his movies; he regularly hosts films around LA's premier cinephile haunts for KCRW's Angel members, but tonight he's making the scene in Orange County for tonight's free screening (Hey Matt, we wouldn't mind it if you made it a regular thing to host more films here, just putting that out there!).

Set-up starts around 5:30pm, so bring your blankets and beach chairs--you can make a picnic out of it with your homemade snacks or try Patina's Catering for some grub instead. Showtime is 8:00pm, beginning with some short films courtesy of Newport Beach Film Festival. For more information on the rest of the films in the Free For All series, visit their site. See you there!

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