BUC BUC BUC: Weekend chickenshit

So my weekly "Didja do anything cool I can throw into that Monday morning post?" note to the OCW staff was meet with *crickets* and Zzzzs. Everyone's in holiday hibernation mode and your regular "What You Missed" programming will resume next week.

What I hope you didn't miss was this blog entry from last Friday, in which R. Scott Moxley challenged Sheriff Mike Carona to a duel. OK, not quite, but Mox did indicate that His Indictedness was chickenshit for not playing a couple of tapes that will -supposedly- prove his innocence.

To further stress the sentiment, Moxley taped a couple of papers to Weekly Headquarters windows:

The fine folks in our production department inform us that a large sheriff's deptartment helicopter was not pleased, aiming its nose at Mox's paperwork and making a noise so loud we heard it at the opposite end of the building (where we assure you we were up to no good).

We tried to convince Jay From Production to don a chicken suit and stand on the roof for the occasion, but he refused, wondering aloud if such 'copters were armed with missiles. Instead, he drew us a lovely Carona chicken icon with a badge and boots, which the prod. folks gaily pasted next to the rest of the statement. (My camera died just as I lifted it to capture the fowl, but hopefully someone will snap it and we can paste it here later. Pssst. . .Rich?)

Happy last day of the year, folks! No "To Do Tonight" post today, as the lovely Rachel Leeson is off on a much deserved vacation. But do check out Erin DeWitt's compilation of New Year's Eve posters if you don't have plans.

And before I forget, a very Happy Birthday to our gorgeous and talented Ms. Amanda Parsons.


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