Bruce Whitaker Launches Fullerton City Council Campaign

​Like most regions, Orange County has a shortage of honest political figures. Perhaps that's because public office commonly entices two-faced characters. Of course, journalists like myself rely on these slimy folks for a steady stream of stories. 

(Thanks for being you, Mike Carona!)

But it's also refreshing to know that there are a few men and women who enter politics and never sellout their core beliefs.

Bruce Whitaker, who is running for Fullerton City Council, is such a candidate.

On Saturday night, Whitaker kicked off his campaign with an event that included enthusiastic endorsements from state Assemblyman Chris Norby and newly-elected Supervisor Shawn Nelson, two men who've also proved they'll buck the status quo.

Whitaker said that if he's elected he'll continue to fight tax increases, defend property rights, aid small businesses and reject expansion of government.

I've watched him for 15 years and believe him.

Whitaker has a long history of successfully battling Republican and Democrat attempts to raise taxes, issue wasteful government bonds and enact overreaching regulations. 

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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