On your knees for the Queen
On your knees for the Queen
Courtesy The Center OC

Bring Your Balls to The Center OC's Haunted Homobowl Tomorrow!

If your mind is in the gutter--good, keep it there, and come play at the Haunted Homobowl. Yep. It's exactly what you think it is: Haunted. Homos. Bowling. Our darling, The Center OC (whose main exec, Kevin O'Grady, we profiled this year in our OC People issue), puts this fundraiser on every year for the good fight of the LGBT community. Come to the Anaheim Gardenwalk dressed in an outlandish Halloween costume and bowl with your friends. The Center will also have a buffet, silent auction, opportunity drawing, and prizes for those best at handling bowling...balls.

Individual tickets will run you $65, and group VIP tickets get into the high hundreds, but at least you get a bucket of beer with the latter AND support a righteous non-profit! The event starts tomorrow at 6:30 pm at 300and goes until 9 pm. Visit thecenteroc.org to buy your tickets, and quickly; it sells out every year. See you there!

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