Brian Dopler has been convicted of making criminal threats against a police detective.
Brian Dopler has been convicted of making criminal threats against a police detective.
Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's Office

Brian Dopler Convicted of Stalking Cop Investigating Him for Stalking Someone Else

Brian Dopler, who we told you last month was on trial for stalking a police detective investigating the Huntington Beach 28-year-old for stalking someone else, has been convicted.

Dopler was found guilty by a jury Tuesday of one felony count each of attempted criminal threats and stalking. He was not eligible for the more serious charge of making criminal threats because, by law, there must be evidence the victim was in fear for his life. That was not the case with the victim.

Among the slurs "The Doplerganger" directed at the Asian-American cop was this: "You fucking slant-eyed fuck."

Dopler's greatest snits end this post.

Beginning in May 2009, a 15-year veteran at the Huntington Beach Police Department identified by prosecutors as Detective Kim investigated three cases involving Dopler for stalking and violating a protective order, for which he was later convicted and sentenced to 300 days in jail and three years of informal probation.

In December 2009, Dopler is accused of calling Kim repeatedly to inquire if any new cases were being brought against him.

Between Jan. 8 and Feb. 10 of this year, Dopler allegedly stalked the detective and left 14 harassing phone messages in which he supposedly used expletives and mentioned he had been following Kim.

On Feb. 10, Dopler is also alleged to have left Kim a phone message filled with racial slurs, expletives, a threats to kill the detective or any other police officer who followed him.

Among The Doplerganger's greatest snits:

  • "You fuck with my life anymore, I will fucking kill you. . . . That's a promise."
  • "You fucking slant-eyed fuck."
  • "The next cop that follows me will die as well. Fuck you."

Dopler's reign of stalking and shit-talking could fetch him up to three years and four months in state prison at his June 11 sentencing in Santa Ana


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