BREAKING: OC DA Rules Killing of Manuel Diaz by Anaheim Police Last Year Justified

Gabriel San Román is at a press conference right now by Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackackaus in which the DA has ruled that last year's killing of Manuel Angel Diaz by the Anaheim Police Department was justified.

"It is our legal opinion that the evidence does not support a finding of criminal culpability on the part of Officer [Nick] Bennallack," Rackauckas said. "There is significant evidence that the officer's actions were reasonable and justified under the circumstances."
This, despite the fact Diaz was unarmed and facing away from the police officer.

The death of Diaz, of course, caused a hella lot unrest last summer and thrust Anaheim into an uncomfortable national spotlight for having such a clueless establishment.

More details as they come...



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