Breaking: Don Henley Rebukes Chuck DeVore!

Square fight! Soft-rockin' Eagles founder Don Henley has asked YouTube to yank down Irvine State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore's "Boys of Summer" parody, which we posted on Friday. Now if you try to watch the vid on YouTube, you get the inexplicably hilarious message: This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Don Henley.

Don't worry, though. If you need your fix of DeVore's campaign tech-dude screeching about Barack Obama destroying America's hopes and dreams to the tune of a song cool enough for the Ataris to cover, DeVore's got you covered with his own website. Or watch it below. Remember: DeVore is running to unseat Barbara Boxer from the U.S. Senate.

UPDATE: Don Henley's lawyers have made us take it down! Details here.

DeVore took the time to write up a response to Henley in which he takes the Eagle to task for having a "thin skin," and singing mean things about harmless ole' Ronald Reagan. He then threatens to keep spinning Henley songs into anti-Democrat dirges. Oh Chuck DeVore, and that sense of humor you seem to think you have... I've yet to laugh with the guy instead of at him, but either way, 2010's gonna be hilarious.

Keep an eye on Navel Gazing for all the exciting updates!


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