Brea Bank Inside Job Bandit Gets Punished By Federal Judge

An Orange County bank teller plotted the January 2007 robbery of her place of employment, got arrested in part because of a boneheaded move and eventually pleaded guilty.

For her crimes, Sheryl Anntoinette Alexander, an active church member in Ontario and teller at Brea's Credit Union of Southern California, received a 41-month federal prison sentence, according to court records.

Victorville's Karon Dominique Bowser--Alexander's 9-mm handgun brandishing partner--didn't plead guilty. He took his cries of innocence to a 2011 jury in Santa Ana. And lost.

What helped investigators unravel the crime? Alexander ordered extra cash on the day of the robbery. Bowser--a convicted burglar--entered the bank, ordered five people--but not Alexander--into a restroom, restrained them with handcuffs, duct tape and rope, made death threats about staying put, and then stuffed his backpack with cash before fleeing. 

To help U.S. District Judge David O. Carter determine his punishment, Bowser devised a simple argument. His prison stint shouldn't be longer than Alexander's. After all, the two had been partners in crime and split the $159,000 loot.

But this week, Carter sided with federal prosecutors Ann Luotto Wolf and Amanda N. Liskamm, who sought a 204-month prison sentence for Bowser, 29.

The judge also ordered the thieves to repay the stolen money.

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