'Botox Bandit' Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Melissa Chesney, better known as the "Botox Bandit," has been sentenced to five years in state prison for 21 felonies, including burglary, fraud and identity theft. 

Her most famous scandal took place in March 2009 when she used a fraudulent name, ID and check to purchase more than $3,300 in treatments and products at Luxe Med Spa in Yorba Linda. 

The Orange County district attorney's office said in a statement Wednesday that Chesney earned her nickname by "committing fraud in search of a wrinkle-free face."

(We're no cosmetic surgeons here, but perhaps a face-lift would have been a better choice?)

The 46-year-old Anaheim Hills resident also pleaded guilty to burglarizing a Kohl's in Irvine and a Micro Center computer store in Tustin. 

Chesney has been ordered to pay restitution to her victims. 


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