Bossy Bus Lady

Bob Aul

This goes out to the female OCTA bus driver who drives the route I take each Sunday. You pulled up to the stop and parked sloppily more than a yard from the curb. You then got out of your seat and inspected the back of the bus before you opened the door to let us on, only to start telling me and the four other homeless people waiting that you are going to be driving that route now and are not going to deal with all the trouble homeless people bring to the bus. "It ain't going to happen," you said. "It's going to be one person per seat. . . . And don't be putting all that stuff on MY seats." You spoke with an annoyed tone at best, and you "warned" every rider who got on about something or other—even about having their money out and ready if they were going to be riding "your" bus. When I went to the front of the bus to get off, you announced that the exit must be made at the back of the bus, not remembering I had a bike at the front. You were rude to everyone. I dub you the worst driver in Orange County and probably a lot of other places. I hope you keep doing what you are doing so that you eventually get fired or, even better, someone sues OCTA for discrimination. Bus riders are tired of drivers such as you in addition to everything else that sucks about the OC bus system.

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