Pason is a best supporting actress nominee for her role in Bloody Wedding.
Pason is a best supporting actress nominee for her role in Bloody Wedding.
Sharkey Films

Bloody Wedding Oozes with Nominations You Can Help It Win at FANtastic Horror Film Fest

To be perfectly honest, I remember more having to correct multiple mistakes I made in a half-asleep-written post about Bloody Wedding when it rolled at the 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival than I do the campy slasher flick. But please do not let that stop you from voting for several fan awards for which the locally produced flick has been nominated.

2012 Newport Beach Film Festival News and Notes (Only item on third page is on Bloody Wedding)

Directed by Robert Hoover, who was a Dana Point bartender at the time of production, Bloody Wedding is about an average-looking young woman who snags what seems to be a handsome prince to marry by a lake. An unusual wedding party shows up for the nuptials--and to serve as victims for a slasher on the loose!

Here's the trailer:

According to Patricia Sharkey, a Newport Beach human resources professional extraordinaire who wrote, produced, costumed and catered Bloody Wedding for her Sharkey Films company, the no-budget indie is up for seven FANtastic Horror Film Festival awards this fall.

It's one person per ballot, and that one person--who could be you reading this--can only vote for one nominee per category. How it works is you click right here and vote Bloody Wedding for: Best Feature Film; Best Actress (Kate Murduch); Best Supporting Actress (Pason); Best Movie Line ("I wanna divorce."); Best Cinematography; Scariest Death Scene; and Goriest Movie.

Winners will be announced at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival Awards Banquet at the Westgate Hotel in San Diego on Nov. 2. Before that, on Halloween, the festival hosts a midnight screening of Bloody Wedding at Gaslamp Stadium 15 Reading Cinemas, 701 5th Ave., San Diego. Go to for tickets.

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