Blizzard Entertainment's Online Accounts Hacked

If you're playing World of Warcraft on one monitor and Navel Gazing on another, lissen up: You may have been hacked.

No, it's not through your favorite alternative newsweekly blog that virtual bogeyman let themselves in but the online accounts of Blizzard Entertainment of Irvine.

There is no evidence the hackers acquired player names, billing addresses or credit card information, but Blizzard concedes vulnerable data included email addresses and answers to players' personal security questions.

While Blizzard does not believe such information alone is enough for anyone to gain access to its online accounts, it's recommended users change encrypted versions of passwords--which is also something hackers may have obtained.

Blizzard did not reveal how many online players around the world got stung. As for the people responsible, who's with me taking the Staff of Dar'Orahil to 'em.

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