Bisno-ess Not So Good For Controversial SanTana Developer

"What is it about SanTana's power structure that attracts them to moron landlords?" I wondered out loud as a friend drove up Broadway. We passed by a meticulously landscaped building--pretty really. But when it was owned by mega-landlord Mike Harrah a couple of years ago, the structure seemed pulled from Beirut. In fact, most of Harrah's buildings that aren't a manifestation of his ego (e.g. Orange County Pavilion, Santora Building, Original Mike's Restaurant) are similarly slummy (full disclosure, but a good one: Harrah was for years the Weekly's landlord, so we know what we speak of when we criticize Harrah's properties. Plus, his workers are little better than goons--again, an observation borne from experience).

I reiterated my remark as we drove past City Place, the lofts across the street from Main Place owned by Robert Bisno, the developer who loves to dick with SanTana politics by giving tens of thousands of dollars to dubious politicians and measures. Maybe Bisno should pay more attention to his business instead of trying to buy influence.

We drove into City Place, almost near completion. Most of the lofts were empty; some had auction signs. Yes: Bisno is so desperate to unload his City Place project that he's scheduled an auction for Nov. 9. Minimum bids are $295,000 for lofts once priced at $824,000.

Look: I know the housing market is down, but why on Earth do SanTana politicians continue to do business with men as delusional as Bisno and Harrah, who's still insisting he's going to build his 37-story One Broadway Plaza Freudian monument yet hasn't secured more than 50 percent occupancy at a time where "FOR LEASE" signs litter SanTana like Mexicans after Mass? You can find your answers in the campaign finance reports, which I'll report on later in the week!

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