Brown: Rocking that lavendar!
Brown: Rocking that lavendar!

Bishop Tod Brown Involved in Another Sex-Abuse Scandal He Never Bothered to Disclose

My gawd, was there ever a time when Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown wasn't a lying, conniving, pervert-protecting coward? Over the weekend, the Idaho Statesman revealed that the Diocese of Boise (headed by Bishop Michael Driscoll, who ranks second only to John Urell in the Orange diocese's list of the most-despicable pedo-protectors) had placed on leave Father William Gould for pedophilia accusations. In the course of their investigation, they also discovered that Gould had twice been suspended from his priestly duties because of sexual misconduct allegations--even got sent to treatment to right his sexual wrongs.

The man who sent him off to punish his pecker? None other than Tod Brown.

Per the



Gould also was placed on leave in 1989 after an allegation involving an adult while he was at Twin Falls.

Tod Brown, Idaho bishop in 1989, placed Gould on administrative leave and sent him to a treatment facility, according to a statement from the diocese.

"Those overseeing his treatment recommended that he return to ministry while continuing outpatient treatment, receive spiritual direction and attend support groups," the diocese statement said. In response, Brown assigned Gould to Post Falls in June 1990, according to the statement. Diocesan officials declined comment beyond the statement it provided.

Gould and Brown, now Bishop at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in California, could not be reached for comment.

No clue yet as to which facility did Brownie send off Gould to--was it the Servants of the Paracletes, where Andrew Christian Andersen went to? Maybe St. Luke's, where Michael Harris was diagnosed as a boy-lover? Regardless, heckuva job, Brownie!


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