Orly Taitz lookin lonely sans Kreep at CRA.
Orly Taitz lookin lonely sans Kreep at CRA.
Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly

Birther Enemies Forced to Work Together Again

The courtroom proceedings at the Ronald Reagan Federal Building in Santa Ana for Orly Taitz's Barnett v. Obama lawsuit were memorable, partly, because they featured so much bickering between Taitz and her co-counsel Gary Kreep. Kreep and Taitz, who originally joined forces to file the lawsuit on behalf of Alan Keyes and Wiley Drake, accused one another of lying, and begged judge David O. Carter to allow them to proceed in separate lawsuits.

Carter's response was to ask the two to move their chairs closer together.

When Barnett v. Obama was dismissed in late 2009, the silver lining for Taitz was that when she appealed the case, she could do so without Kreep. And so, two separate appeals have been winding their way through the 9th Circuit Court--one from Kreep, and one from Taitz.

Birther-watcher Dr. Conspiracy, though, points out that last month the court consolidated the two lawsuits:

The court sua sponte consolidates appeal nos. 09-56827 and 10-55084. Appeal nos. 09-56827 and 10-55084 are consolidated. The briefing schedule for the consolidated appeals is as follows: the opening briefs and excerpts of record are due June 28, 2010; the consolidated answering brief is due July 28, 2010; and the optional reply briefs are due within 14 days after service of the answering brief. All parties on a side are encouraged to join in a single brief to the greatest extent practicable.

In other words, grab the popcorn.


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