I'm just a bill
I'm just a bill
Bob Aul

Bill To Label E-Cigs as "Tobacco Product" Postponed Until Next Year!

The Man hasn't really known what to do with e-cigarettes. The technology is so new, there are so few studies about its effects, and is that really marijuana they're smoking?! This February, California state Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett (D-East Bay) drafted SB 648, a bill that would be the first of its kind by attempting to categorize and regulate vaping by labeling e-cigs as a "tobacco product"; if that were to happen, people could no longer vape indoors, within 20 feet of an exit, or within 25 feet of a sandbox.

Thank God that ain't happening for awhile.

It passed the Senate on May 24 and sent a small wave of panic through the vaping community, who feared the domino effect of regulation. But two weeks ago, Corbett and her peers decided, rather quietly, to put SB 648 on hold. Sergio Reyes, Corbett's communications director, reports that the bill will be "maintained in the the governmental organization committee in the assembly." Um, okay...

Until next year, vapers and e-liquid juice makers will have to continue to self-regulate, and attempt to build up a positive face for their plight. For more information about the world of e-cigarettes, read of our recent news story.

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