Bill Handel, KFI-AM 640 Personality, Can't Bring Himself to Say the Bowers Museum is in Santa Ana

When a radio-station personality has an appearance to plug, they generally try to be as accurate as possible--you know, to let people know where they're going to show up and such. That's the scenario facing Bill Handel, the morning-show host on KFI-AM 640. He has an appearance at the Bowers Museum in SanTana next weekend involving the institution's new exhibit on Benjamin Franklin. Handel is the most tolerable of the station's weekday, non-Coast to Coast hosts, namely because he's the least dick-ish of the lot (oh, what happened to you, Tim Conway Jr.?), but I couldn't help but laugh when Handel told listeners this morning that the Bowers was in "Orange County."

A bit of KFI self-censorship, perhaps?

In the KFI galaxy,

SanTana is just one level above hell

. For years, listeners have heard nothing but horror stories about the county seat--not over its corrupt leadership, but the fact that the city is super-majority Latino. Handel never once mentioned SanTana in his long plug for himself--why, Bill? Afraid your listeners might not join you after believing the lies that your colleagues have spewed about the city over the years? Let's see if Handel continues to omit the Bowers' actual city location in the coming week. . . .


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