Bigger PR Nightmare: Henry Nicholas III or OC Register? connects the dots today between indicted Broadcom co-founder Henry Nicholas III, the Orange County Register's parent company and the "PR guy" for both of them:

Sitrick & Co. does PR for Freedom Communications, Inc.

Mike Sitrick is also the PR guy for Dr. Henry Nicholas III, the former Broadcom exec facing multiple federal criminal charges in connection with alleged stock options fraud and drug offenses in U.S. District Court in Santa Ana.

The Orange County Register is owned by Freedom and is covering Nicholas' criminal case.

The post goes on to quote from Bethany McClane's November 2008 Vanity Fair piece "Dr. Nicholas and Mr. Hyde," where the story's subject famously conceded, ""I am a media-relations nightmare!" Good thing he's got a solid PR guy working for both him and the paper-of-record for his trial!


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