Bid for Trestles on eBay

No, you can't actually buy Trestles Beach. But you can show your support for the Yosemite of Surfing by bidding on several on-line auctions, all to try and stop the Foothill-South toll road extension.

Adio, Body Glove and Oakley have all donated prize packages to be auctioned off on eBay; 100% of proceeds go to the Save Trestles campaign (don't worry, I'll check up on that). If you're wondering how Surfrider Foundation chose these particular sponsors, look no further than the event with which the auctions are associated: the Body Glove SurfBout presented by Adio, in conjunction with the Oakley Pro Junior. And the pieces connect with a thunderous 'click'.

The SurfBout, running from Tuesday til Friday (4.25-4.29), is the first stop on Macy's California Trifecta. Trestles is also the only spot in mainland USA on the World Championship Tour of surfing, an honor accorded to only 13 places on the planet, and frequently finds itself at the center of the latest surfing showdown or exhibition. No wonder then that such big names in sport are literally giving away their equipment to help raise funds to stop the toll road.

CHECK BACK FOR AUCTION UPDATES! Last update: Thursday, 7:12 p.m.

For your beginning bidders, the Adio package is at $495 (11 bids) - valued at $1500. You'll get a board, shoes, sandals, backpack, fleece and tee.

Next up comes the Oakley package, at $565 (9 bids) for an estimated value of $2000. One lucky winner gets a Biolos-shaped ...Lost board, a wristwatch, Oil Drum glasses, and Oakley's Kitchen Sink Pack (designed to carry everything but...)

Finally we have the Body Glove package: this $3,500 value can be yours for ... $1,425 (17 bids). Not a bad deal at all for three boards - all ridden and signed by athletes CJ Hobgood, Mike Losness and Holly Beck, from their own personal quivers - three wetsuits (not used by the athletes, so you'll have to stain them yourself), boardshorts and a bikini.

The auction is only open for a week, so get your bids in to help stop the Foothill-South toll road extension and its potentially devastating impacts to Trestles Beach, San Onofre State Park, San Mateo Campgrouns, the Donna O'Neill Land Conservancy, and life as we know it.


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