Bicyclist Discovers Pot Patch, Calls Cops, Ends Dream

Have you heard tale of feral cannabis plants growing in the Midwest?

A bicyclist (let's just call him Señor Buzzkill) rolled up on a patch of 40 to 50 5-foot-tall marijuana plants off Brea Canyon Road between Tonner Canyon and Canyon Country roads Wednesday morning.

Instead of beholding the beautiful bounty or wondering if this, too, was a magical feral patch, he called the cops. Thus the nickname.

Brea Police say their detectives later found what was thought to be a pipe bomb next to the patch, so the sheriff's bomb squad was alerted and part of Brea Canyon Road was closed . . . for hours and hours.

Turns out the device was not a bomb.

Police say they have yet to pin the patch, whose plants would reportedly fetch $20,000 on the street, on anyone yet.


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