Beware of Bodysurfing Maneaters in the Breaks

Beware of Bodysurfing Maneaters in the Breaks

What the freak is happening off our beautiful, sin-kissed coast?

There was the giant squid invasion this past winter. There was the rare sighting of Orcas earlier this week (with a giant halibut thrown into the cioppino for good measure). And there's the constant threat by that sea monster the eggheads refer to as Enterococci.

But the latest spotting is downright Spielbergian.

Great white shark sightings have been reported recently in the waters along Huntington Beach, San Onofre State Beach, Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades, Terramar Beach in Carlsbad, near Santa Cruz island off Santa Barbara and up the Central Coast through Northern California as far north as Oregon.

From the video shot by Randy White.
From the video shot by Randy White.

Surfer Randy Wright says in this report he has seen at least 12 great whites breaching along the coast near Pacific Palisades, four of which he captured on video after setting up cameras at Will Rogers.

Ralph Collier, who heads research for the Shark Research Committee, confirmed at least one image Wright captured was a great white shark. That video was shot the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

Given the increased number of sightings, coupled with the huge crowds that marked the unofficial opening of the summer beach season this past weekend, it shows Jaws and his cousins "don't want to attack humans," according to Collier.

The last fatal great white shark attack involved a swimmer who was killed on April 25, 2008, near Solana Beach.

Great whites are the world's largest known predatory fish, feasting on smaller fish, dolphins, seals and sea lions.

After increased sightings were reported in local waters in the early 1990s, then-state Assemblyman Gil Ferguson (R-Newport Beach) called on the federal government to allow increased killing of seals and sea lions, which he claimed were drawing great whites too close to shore. Rivals and the media had a field day portraying Ferguson as a baby seal clubber.

Hey, there's another Ferguson--the late conservative warrior's son Jay--running for that same Assembly seat.

Quick, someone hide the baby seals!


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