Trust me, this is a better shot of Todd Lowe than I got. Just picture him with more facial hair and dressed like a gypsy.
Trust me, this is a better shot of Todd Lowe than I got. Just picture him with more facial hair and dressed like a gypsy.

Better Late Than Never Opening Sundance Film Festival Post--Starring Todd Lowe of "True Blood"

You wouldn't take Southwest's female flight attendants on the 10:10 a.m. Friday flight between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City for fans of HBO's True Blood, but when the older of the two spotted "Terry Bellefleur," she was so beside herself she drew the rest of plane's occupants to the actor who plays the character, Todd Lowe, who'd attempted to hide under a hood, skull cap and flowing beard.

Cell phone cameras all around rose to snap the top of Lowe's head, with the flight attendant who spilled the beans trying to get her younger co-worker to move her face close enough to Lowe's face to get him in the shot. Sitting near the window in the emergency row, he waited there while everyone else disembarked, some snapping shots along the way.

What an invasion of privacy! Are plane flights no longer sacred? What happened to what happens in the friendly skies stays in the friendly skies?

Yours truly had to courtesy to wait behind a pillar at the end of the ramp leading into the SLC terminal, peek over as Lowe approached and then leaped out with my cell phone camera to snap his picture (even though I've yet to see True Love and did not know who he was before the first flight attendant clued me in. What I'll do you for you dear readers!).

Now, here's the deal with a go-phone you're using for the first time. It's really, really important to read the instruction manager, which was on my nightstand in Orange County. As a result, I got one shot of the back of Lowe's pant leg and another where he's walking in front of me, but appears to be the size of an ant in the photo. Oh, and I still haven't figured out how to find the pictures on my phone, let alone download them to share.

After my failed bid to be a paparazzi, I followed Lowe into the men's room. No, not to get a close-up--we both had to go. Besides, what happens in an airport terminal men's room stays in an airport terminal men's room--unless you're Larry Craig

Incidentally, Lowe may have been in town to get some boarding, partying and film watching in before Wednesday's Sundance premiere of The Romantics starring his True Blood co-star Anna Paquin, Adam Brody, Elijah Wood, Candice Bergen and Mrs. Tom Cruise (who also co-executive produced). The story of seven close college friends who come together for a wedding was written and directed by Galt Niederhoffer, based on her novel.

Or, maybe he's related to Blackhorse Lowe, whose short film Shimasani is playing at Sundance all week. Compare their respective photos on and you can see the resemblance!


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