Better Call Glew: What Is This Cop Doing In My Car?
Jay Brockman

Better Call Glew: What Is This Cop Doing In My Car?

I was out this past weekend at a house party when I had to drive my friend to the store to buy some cigarettes. I was still sober so I said yes and when we got outside I saw a cop car parked in the street. I started driving and the cop followed me and a couple of blocks later he pulled me over and told me I stopped past the line at a stop sign. The cop then asked if he could search my car. I didn't want him to, but I let him--even though I had a quad of bud--because I figured if I cooperated, the cop would just let me go. This didn't happen. After searching my car, he found the weed and gave me ticket for it. He also left my car a shitty mess, dumping my backpack, glove box, and anything else he could find all over my car. Is there anything I can do to stop a cop from searching my car?  Also if I get a medical marijuana recommendation before my court date will it help with the weed ticket?

You, my friend, are a living testament to the fact that no good deed goes unpunished! First and foremost, why did you let the police officer search your car?

Literally, nothing good can ever come from consenting to a police search, so why just give it to them? Make them work for it!

A police officer cannot search your car unless he or she has a search warrant or probable cause to believe there is contraband in your vehicle. If you are pulled over and an officer asks to search your vehicle, simply decline. You have nothing to lose, and if the officer does have a warrant or probable cause to search, I'm sure he or she won't be shy about letting you know.  Bear in mind, your refusal may be futile if the officer isn't the most ethical guy on the force, but why not exercise your rights if you have 'em?

As to your second question, the answer, my friend, is no. Unless you had a physician's recommendation to use medical marijuana at the time of the offense, it will not help you in court. However, if you do plan on utilizing marijuana in the future, for your medical needs, I would highly recommend visiting your local doctor, to see if you are eligible for a physician's recommendation to use medical marijuana. If you do so, you can save yourself a lot of future hassle and aggravation dealing with the police and the criminal justice system.

Remember, next time a cop asks to search your car, just say no!

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