Betsy Saito: Getting Babes Ready for the Big One

With Doomsday always around the corner, and the earthquake to end all earthquakes about to pop off at any second, one Orange County woman is ready. 

And Betsy Saito wants other women to be ready too. 

The owner of Provisions -- an emergency supply store in Santa Ana -- has everything a lady needs in a time of trouble (heh, except for a strong man), from portable toilets to a baby delivery kit. 

Yep, it's got sterile umbilical clamps and a plastic bag for the placenta.

Saito started the business in December, in an effort to provide emergency supplies to the ladies, and to those who aren't necessarily hardcore survivalists who are into guns, knives and sleeping in the desert to test their Armageddon mettle.

"The guys have to go out and fight and the women have to keep society (going)," Saito said. 

A group called Elements of Suvival, with about 100 members, meets regularly at Provisions. About half are women, with many coming from the corporate world that Saito left several years ago. She used to be a recruiter for dentists in Orange County. 

"We're basically the ladies' solution to the men's store," Saito said. 

While not an all-out survivalist store, Provisions serves customers looking to stock up on supplies for a catastrophe, selling anything from 3,600-calorie nutrition bars to radiation tablets.

​Saito was featured recently on Anderson Cooper's nationally syndicated TV talk show "Anderson". She said Cooper is really thin. 

 Check out Saito at or pay her a visit at Provisions, 3771 S. Plaza Dr., Santa Ana; 714-641-3009.


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