Beth Krom Finally Drawn Into Jolie-Aniston Debate

Lila Kooklan of UC Irvine's New University student newspaper went to the nearby Crystal Jade restaurant recently to cover an event geared toward young people by the campaign to elect former Irvine mayor and current City Councilwoman Beth Krom to Congress.

Krom announced in March she will seek the 2010 Democratic nomination for the 48th Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. John Campbell (R-Newport Beach).

During the campaign event, Krom blasted Campbell for thus far refusing to debate, supported greater investments in primary and post-secondary education, and promoted the promised Orange County Great Park as the antidote to boredom experienced by UCI students.

Showing an enterprising streak, Kooklan contacted Krom by phone afterward to ask the real question on the minds of voters in the 48th:
Is she aligned with "Team Angelina" or "Team Jen"?

"Both of them are strong independent women," Krom answered of Ms. Jolie and Ms. Aniston. "Jen has shown that she is resilient and above the gossip, and Angelina has shown that any person can move beyond their circumstances if they try hard enough. They're over it, so I think that we should be too."

It'll be interesting to see how Campbell weighs in on the wedding of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.


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