Just another fired janitor.
Just another fired janitor.

"Best Christian Workplace" Fires Its Janitors

The Best Christian Workplaces Institute surveyed 11,869 employees in 124 organizations across North America before naming the Brea-based Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) one of 2009's "great workplaces with a Christian mission and values."

Even the janitors like working at ECCU.

Or at least they did before they were fired.

A federally insured credit union, ECCU is one of the nation's top banking resources for Christian churches, schools and other evangelical ministries. Missionaries in more than 100 countries use ECCU for their banking needs.

Mercer Island, Washington-based Best Christian Workplaces Institute singled out ECCU for meeting "predetermined standards of excellence." These included: job satisfaction, organizational commitment, Christian witness, supervisory effectiveness, work satisfaction, personal growth and development, management effectiveness, customer/supporter satisfaction, teamwork, communications and pay and benefits.

The newly displaced janitors may want to re-take their surveys, seeing as how they are now seeking work amid tough economic times. "They are getting rid of hard workers at home while they are 'helping poor people' in other places but not in its own place," a supporter of the janitors tells the Weekly.

Those janitors will have a chance to bear witness at a rally scheduled to begin at noon Friday in front of the ECCU at 955 E. Imperial Hwy., Brea.


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