Benny Hinn Heckled as "World's Greatest Scammer" by Newport Coast Neighbor at LAX
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Benny Hinn Heckled as "World's Greatest Scammer" by Newport Coast Neighbor at LAX

Benny Hinn, leader of Benny Hinn Ministries World in Aliso Viejo and the subject of some of the most-viewed Navel Gazing posts ever, was shouted down as "the world's greatest scammer" by a fellow at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) recently.

And the whole encounter was captured on video!

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First, watch this 25-second clip someone who obviously supports Hinn posted on YouTube, showing the televangelist in all black, leading his five-man security team, also all in black, through LAX with a cameraman in front of him asking questions about Paula Deen and forgiveness ("Yes, as Christians, we forgive ..." Hinn informs.):

Poster "PropheticCall82" obviously ended the video a split-second before the best part, when a middle-aged fellow says like an announcer making an introduction, "World's greatest scammer, Benny Hinn."

Pacific Coast News on Friday shot the entire 1:16-minute clip, which you can see in full on TMZ. (Sorry, I was unable to access their embed code for that one and I'm not a Pacific Coast News subscriber.)

What you'll see if you follow the link to Harvey Levinland and make it to the 29-second mark is the throughway critic making his pronouncement as Hinn and four of his goons just keep walking, seeming to not even acknowledge the dude, while one guard with long black, straight hair shoots the announcer a sour look while passing by.

The announcer is lucky that was it, according to TMZ, which notes the man being "left unscathed ... is surprising ... because Hinn's previous heckler wasn't so lucky." Included is video of a different heckler pounced on by the televangelist's protectors and led out of a sermon in Brazil days earlier.

After Hinn's procession blows by, we again hear, "Benny Hinn, the world's greatest scammer!" from the man with his travel bags at his feet, speaking now to the Pacific Coast News cameraman that had been following the God squad.

"Excuse me?" asks the videographer.

"Yes, he's been scamming people out of religious money for decades," the chap explains. "Yes, that's him right there."

"That's why he has the bodyguards," interjects a younger man standing next to the first.

"He could afford his own 747," remarks the heckler, who later adds, "He lives in my zip code in Newport Coast, California."

The unidentified fellow has obviously been following Hinn for years.

"He gets people's Social Security checks, they spend their life savings thinking he can cure their cancer, and then when they're dead he keeps the money."

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