Beers for Whatever Ales You

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Now you see's Dana Milbank, now you don't.

A couple comedi-hacks caught heck for their video that suggested the proper beverage to serve Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the recent White House beer summit would have been a bottle of Mad Bitch beer.

The Post removed the satirical video from its site, although it can still be found all over the web. So 

it was probably a good idea Clockwork thought better of posting its own satirical video suggesting the proper beverages to serve the real beer summit participants.

We were thinking a pale ale for Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, a Negro Modelo for police sergeant James Crowley, a black & tan for Mr. President and a Lug Nut Lager for Vice President Joe Biden.

Now excuse me while I retire to my lair with a frosty mug of Arrogant Bastard.

Hi-Time Wine Cellars' unwittingly contributed to this report.

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