Because You're Ugly: Vivienne Westwood

With Vivienne Westwood, punk never died—it just grew up.

Westwood's beginnings are in punk music and she pioneered punk style, first gaining notoriety when the Sex Pistols wore her clothing at their shows and appearances.

Like the swallows, hearts and robots before it, the safety pin seems to be the next regurgitated trend gracing clothing and accessories everywhere—an obvious takeoff on the safety pin as fashion's punk roots. It's the logo of one of the best fashion/design blogs around, NOTCOT. Azumi and David have designed their own line of elegant jewelery, juxtaposing the polished look of pearls with gold and silver safety pins. And remember Elizabeth Hurley's revealing safety pin dress that basically turned her into an insta-celeb? Hell, you'll even find the silhouette of the safety pin at your local Urban Outfitters.

But nobody does the safety pin like Vivienne Westwood, as evidenced by her new diamond safety pin jewelry line. The collection also shows off plenty of sparkly hearts, arrows and, of course, the signature Vivienne Westwood orb.

The pieces will cost you a bit, though, the necklace alone will set you back about $1,540. Punk gone capitalist? Eh, maybe. But at least it still looks good.


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