Because You're Ugly: The Vampress

I'd like to think I'm a pretty untraditional girl when it comes to diamonds, jewelry and other assorted expensive, sparkly things.

So if you plan on proposing to me any time soon, please do so with Bittersweets NY's latest creation: the Vampress.

The ring's actually a twist on one of their most popular pieces, the Baby Vamp. But this time, the Vampress boasts a half-carat diamond (toootally modest, right???) set in between two sets of teeth (available in 14k white, rose and yellow gold).

Bittersweets keeps up the semi-dark-but-still-pretty-cute trend with their other jewelry pieces, such as the Medusa necklace, the Heart & Dagger necklace, sword earrings and maggot charm.

Get your own Vampress ring here, but I should warn you... it's not for everyone. (After all, it's $1800.)


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