Because You're Ugly: The Hit Bag

You know, I was never one for "It" bags. They're in one second, out the next, and the only ones who can manage to get on the waiting lists (imagine waiting months in advance to drop $1200+) are celebrities and their train wreck offspring anyway.

Introducing the next fashion house-dictated "It" handbag: Versace's "Hit." It's garish. It's loud. It's outlandish. After all... it's Versace. Pictured here in bright red fox fur—just one reason this bag isn't for the squeamish or, er, for the humane—the "Hit" bag has already been spotted dangling on the wrist of Eva Longoria (of Desperate Housewives fame). And undoubtedly, like other bags du jour, the "Hit" will cost you anywhere from $2330 to $5120.

But good news: the bag is also available in far less bizarre options and colors such as black patent leather.

So now the only problem is whether you hug it or carry your cell phone and wallet around in it. Either way, prepare for some stares.


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