Because You're Ugly: Supermandolini

So I'm sitting in bed with a sweltering fever and the sheets drenched. I have body aches, my glasses keep sliding down my nose bridge and I pretty much feel like I'm on my deathbed.

So what do I do? Do some online shopping, of course.

Supermandolini offers a fun line of accessories, brooches, rings and necklaces, including this adorable "Just My Luck!" pin, available here. The pin takes something pretty unfortunate—getting crapped on by a bird flying overhead—and spins it into something totally adorable.

The pin's a two-part brooch with a dull gold matte finish and is a reasonable 19 euros. It's sure to jazz up your blouses and even make the occasional passer-by smile.

Does it matter that I don't usually wear brooches? Not really. I'm sick, okay?


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