Because You're Ugly: Sponsored by Botox

Sure, LA Fashion Week has nothing to do with Orange County, but one show did have an open bar, so OCW's Erin DeWitt and Amanda Parsons headed up to the City of Angeles for some cocktails and criticism.

Plus, Kara Sahn from Project Runway (season one) was there representing Botox (Amanda needs that), so as avid fans of the show we were there in no time. The GenArt event was held at the Park Plaza hotel; a sprawling decadent venue with two separate rooms featuring designer showcases, an outside tent area with a DJ, an Acura car (sponsors!) and a smoking section that was located in the parking lot.

Not a traditional runway show, the models simply struck and held poses on elaborate stages, while press, photogs and fans could get a three-minute eyeful. But after the first two minutes, we were more than ready to see the next designs.

Le Sang Des Betes was the first designer in the prominent downstairs ballroom shown on a four-sided Escher-esque runway. Unfortunately, no one fell in their stilettos because that would have been a hell of a lot more entertaining than the clothing was.

What was shown had already been done to death and the colors displayed were joyless. Royal blue was the only pop of color amidst an endless sea of black, gray and white. However, the tailoring was excellently done and Betes played with some innovative yet understated lines. A personal favorite was the oval-shaped side pockets on some of the skinny pants. The vests and jumpers were also well done featuring some interesting cut-out shapes in the back and arms, though we can't help but state that the whole thing was quite predictable.

Up the stairs was a JMary showcase featuring looks with pleats, warm fall colors, and classic wool coats on a stage of rotating mirrors. The interesting display allowed the audience to see the garments from all angles while the girls stood like mannequins looking bored and hungry. The collection had several pieces with sheer-fabric backs. Very sexy but impractical if you have boobs larger than a B-cup. JMary also played with sophisticated pleats and pant suits as well as one-sleeved ensembles. Most notable in the collection was the incredibly marketable and chic camel trench with the Mandarin collar and off center front seam. To die for.

In yet another room of the venue, headliner Kara Saun debuted - wait for it - three pieces displayed on Grecian columns to fit the inspiration behind these draped and pleated gowns. A flowery and ethereal Saun showed what she does best: well tailored evening looks with a modern flair. The gowns were reminiscent of old Hollywood, showcasing sheers pleated fabrics draped over floral prints, bare backs and trains.

Conveniently, all of the gowns Saun showed were sleeveless, catering to her target audience of the evening, the potion of the population with extra under-arm sweat glands also known as severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis (sponsored by Botox).

Wouldn't you know it, Botox can fix those nasty sweat marks by paralyzing the glands and halting moisture secretion. In fact, this wonder drug had an entire room dedicated to the anti-sweat process, complete with three young ladies standing in plexiglass cubes, holding clear plastic umbrellas, just underneath a shower head. This was meant to symbolize sweat and Botox's purpose of keeping their armpit region bone-dry. Wish we could say the same for the model's shoes.

All in all the evening was lovely. Shout out to our favorite bar tender Christian and to the lovely Dr. Mavis Billips, M.D. We're waiting for our free Botox, bitch.

Event photos coming soon!

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