Because You're Ugly: ShopStyle

Online shopping's about as easy as it gets, but it just got a whoooole lot easier. ShopStyle's a website that pulls together all your favorite online destinations to buy clothing, accessories and shoes and makes it all conveniently available for viewing on a single page.

Not sure what you're looking for? You can search by label, category or even by "district" (SoHo, "College Town," 5th Avenue, "Main Street"). The website clearly lists sale prices and will have competing websites' prices (for the same item!) right next to each other, which makes it easy to buy that Chloé jacquard skirt you've been eyeing for the best price possible. Hover your mouse over the photograph of the item of your choice and ShopStyle even lists if there are any special codes to enter in at check-out for further discounts or free shipping.

Within five minutes, I was able to find the Jovovich-Hawk sundress I saw at Barney's some time ago—for 50% off. And here are a bunch of Marc by Marc Jacobs day dresses on sale for 20% off (or more)... It really is that awesome.


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