Because You're Ugly: RVCA and OBEY Warehouse Sales

Good news for all you cheapos with good taste out there. Two Orange County-based favorites, RVCA and OBEY, are hosting their respective annual sample sales this weekend.

Starting Friday, you'll be able to peruse through boxes and boxes and piles and piles of heavily discounted clothing and accessories at the two labels' warehouse locations in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana.

And if you really want the good stuff, I'd recommend getting out there early Friday—lines will be snaking all the way around the warehouse and down the block for both sample sales.

But if you can put up with some elbowing and impatient people with grabby hands, all the waiting will be well worth it when you score some T-shirts, bags, hoodies and all sorts of other cool shit for those on your gift lists... for (usually) waaaay less than half the retail price.

A few things to take into consideration: try to avoid wearing both OBEY or RVCA at the sales (amidst the chaos, no one can tell what you came in with), no bags, major credit cards will be accepted and absolutely no refunds or exchanges... so choose wisely.

Fliers with information on both sales after the jump.


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