Because You're Ugly: Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe

Diffusion lines have proven again and again to be the most lucrative for fashion designers. Marc Jacobs has his own collection but its the Marc by Marc Jacobs stuff, the $12 canvas tote bags and $20 costume jewelry that really rake it in. Vivienne Westwood recently did a line for Nine West here in the States. Proenza Schouler and Erin Fetherston worked with Target's GO International. Isaac Mizrahi's Target items fly off the shelves. Most women can only dream of owning Chloe stacked oxfords or a Prada dress. Diffusion lines take care of that.

Paul & Joe Sister, the Parisian-based line designed by Sophie Albou, has designed an exclusive line for Urban Outfitters. While Paul & Joe Sister is already a diffusion line of Paul & Joe, now things are finally even more affordable with Rendez-Vous. Albou's translated her floaty modern romanticism for the Urban Outfitters crowd for somewhat reasonable prices. The pieces range from $128 to $228 and seem to be just a tad more chic than the usual Urban wear. A standout item is the Masaao jacket. Priced at $208, the silk jacket would make a great contrast piece to an especially feminine dress.

Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister available only Urban Outfitters locations and at


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