Because You're Ugly: Polyvore!

It's like playing with paper dolls—only with much, much more expensive, classier options.

Polyvore's an interactive website which allows you to switch and move around ensembles. It offers an array of really, really, really nice pricey choices (like this outfit consisting of mostly Chloé pieces, pictured here) and the more affordable, like GAP basics. The site also lets you know who designs each item and where you can purchase it.

The main purpose, of which, obviously, is letting people devise their own outfits without all that multi-website or store searching—so basically, the site is pretty much an assbackwards way of making something already a luxury even simpler. Not that I'm complaining.

Orrrr, you could be like me, and use Polyvore for putting together outfits that cost veritable boatloads of money just so you can avoid doing any work. Does blogging count?

(Hi, boss!)


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