Because You're Ugly: Paul & Joe for Perrier

Again with the weird collaborations: Last year it was Jay-Z unveiling his new design for Cherry Coca-Cola cans and Pharrell, Big & Rich and the All-American Rejects designing for Pepsi cans. Then Christian Lacroix devised gorgeous holiday bottles for Evian. Now French fashion house Paul & Joe has joined in on the trend of what people have dubbed as "fashion water."

The ever glamorous Sophie Albou launched Paul & Joe in 1995 with a menswear collection. But people didn't start paying attention until 1997 when she released a womenswear line. Paul & Joe is whimsical, feminine, playful and excellent for emphasizing femininity—without being too feminine.

And now, Paul & Joe have designed cans and glass bottles for Perrier that reflects just that. The sparkling French water now showcases yellow, brown and green containers splashed with retro comic-style graphics. It's all very... French. Cute.

I guess it makes sense—the fancy fizzy water probably shares the same clientèle and appeals to the same demographic as the French fashion house anyway. Or something.

Either way, it sure makes for a pretty bottle.

Paul & Joe Perrier bottles now available in stores.


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