Because You're Ugly: Mon Petit Oiseau

I know it's 80-degrees out there today, but it's still fun looking around at winter coats for the upcoming (really, it'll be here eventually) fall and winter weather.

Luckily, Los Angeles-based Mon Petit Oiseau (My Little Bird) never fails to delight with their sweet, delicate frocks, and they've got the perfect transitional coat for you.

In the fall months, you can sport their Cocoon jacket with a short-sleeved top, or three-quartered sleeved T-shirt. For the winter, layer it up, and have the long sleeves of your favorite waffled thermal or sweater peek out from under its toffee-colored short sleeves. Pair it with tights and oxfords or boots, or even just skinny jeans and flats.

Sure it's a tad bit hefty-priced at $342, but it's a wool, statement coat that's cute enough to stand on its own. And it's transitional (...not that we exactly have seasons around here...). And it's cute. Right?

I'm convinced—buy your own Mon Petit Oiseau Cocoon coat here.


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