Because You're Ugly: Look For Less—Luella

Just as I was about to shell out the cash for the real thing, Forever 21 comes to the rescue—again. If you loved Luella's feminine, flirty, young and slightly awkward Spring 2008 collection as much as I did (as discussed in this week's Trendzilla!), you'll be glad to know about the discovery I made last night during my insomnia-induced web meandering.

The tiered short skirt pictured to the left—which I haven't even seen in stores yet—modeled by the ultra frightening Ukranian model Masha Tyelna has been knocked off and is available online for $17.80 at No word yet on the quality of the 100% polyester skirt (it is Forever 21, after all—a gal's gotta be careful), but it seems to be a pretty good knockoff based on the detailed shots.

And if it falls apart after a season's worth of wear? That's fine with me—it's a tiered floral skirt, it probably won't be wearable past September.


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